How to Get a 500 Dollar Loan Fast with Bad Credit

How to Get a 500 Dollar Loan Fast with Bad Credit

People usually take instant loans to cover urgent cash needs until their next paycheck. This type of financing can be exactly what you look for when struggling with an unexpected financial trouble. You may need money for a medical urgency or pay rent when no money left. When your budget is ruining, getting additional financing would be perfect for you to recover it. Taking $500 loan from a trusted lender will give you a relief and won’t take much of your precious time.

Lenders realize how hard it is to find an option at low rates or get approved if you have a bad credit score. This is why many lenders are reviewing even bad credit score applicants and try to offer the most affordable conditions.

How to receive 500 dollar loan?

  1. Online application. Fill in online form and provide personal information. After that, a lender will let you know if you’re approved or not.
  2. Terms. Depending on your state’s laws loan amounts can range from $500 to $5,000. Discuss convenient terms with the lender.
  3. Receive funds quickly. Applications are usually funded electronically the next business day.

Can I apply for $500 loan with bad credit?

When the situation is critical but your credit score is not decent, you can still apply for a loan. Unfortunately, it is not possible to apply for $500 loan with no credit check at all. If your credit score is far from perfect, the creditor might believe that it can be risky to approve you for a loan. Therefore, higher fees and interest rates can only be offered.

So how does the process of applying for a 500 dollar loan with bad credit work? Previous years, a lender would rate your entire credit history to decide whether you were creditworthy. Nowadays, it doesn’t mean that you are untrustworthy only because of your poor credit history. Lenders make their decisions based upon your current source of income, as it is the best sign of your ability to refund your loan on time. Keep in mind, that if you haven’t managed to repay a previous loan fully and on time, it is more probable that a new application will be rejected.

Can I increase my chances of qualifying for instant $500 loan?

Follow these steps to make sure you haven’t missed anything on your way to be qualified for 500 dollar loan online:

  • There is a possibility to increase your chances of being qualified for a loan. Mind applying for 500 dollars loan bad credit from several lenders. Each lender has its own set of rules and terms. Therefore, the possibility of meeting one of the lender’s requirements becomes higher.
  • Steady source of income. Every lender requires you to have stable income to approve to a loan. It can be a Social Security or a payed job. It is also possible that some lenders will inspect your investments or your self-employed earnings.
  • Documentation. You need to provide the documentation showing that you are a trustworthy applicant. It can be proof of homeownership or long-term employment contract. Keep that in mind when applying for $500 loan.
  • Personal data. Your valid E-mail address, bank account and phone number are necessary to qualify.

What are the APRs and Fees for 500 dollar loan?

The state you live is the most important determinant when looking for the best terms and rates. Its costs will be based upon your states laws. Keep in mind that the APR will be higher in the state where no maximum cap is set up. One more thing to know is that loans with short repayment terms always have higher interests.

The average APR for a $500 loan is approximately 400%. Concerning fees, they may vary from $15 to $30 to borrow $100. Therefore, if you took a 14-day loan, the fees transform into interests up to 780%.

So, lets imagine, you borrowed 500 dollar loan. Your state has a set fee of $20 per each $100 you took. In this situation, you must pay back $100 over the borrowed sum of money on your dead line, $600 in total.


When you appeared in a difficult situation and need 500 dollar loan fast, consider getting a loan online from a direct lender. However, you have to thoroughly analyze terms and rates before taking the loan out. It is so much important because when you appear in trouble, the total amount may seem to be fair enough to repay it on time without any consequences. And, when it happens that you fail to refund the loan by the due date, the penalty will increase to a sum which you will be unable to refund. This can negatively affect your credit score. Moreover, the lender can contact collection agencies and this will cause many troubles.

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